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International of Beijing of the 9th 2009 China builds steel structure exhibition
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Addressee: Send a person: Zhang Tiejun 13911561388 010-683111370

Copy to: Unit: International of Beijing of the 9th 2009 China builds center of culture of building of China of construction ministry • steel structure exhibition
2009China (Beijing) International Construction Steel Structure Expo

Connect a telephone call: 010-68311370 13911561388 fax: 010-6831170 E-mail: Ztj407@126.com

Approve an unit: People's Republic of China builds a department
Sponsor an unit: China builds metallic structure society

Assist run an unit: Industrialization of construction ministry residence promotes a center
Guild of Shanghai metal structure
Zhejiang saves branch of bldg. guild steel structure
American steely association
Association of European steel structure
Japan builds steel framework society
News agency of Korea capital country

Support an unit: China builds project head office
Association of Chinese real estate
China builds a society
Chinese reconnaissance designs association
Chinese town planning designs association
Chinese building designs an academy
Guangdong province builds hall
Guangzhou city builds council
Guangdong saves dimensional structure society
Guangdong saves dimensional structure association
Each province, city builds Hua Na area metallic structure association
Place: Beijing. China International exhibits a center (north of area of Beijing rising sun 3 annulus east road 6)
(1A, 1B 2A, 2B.2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8A, 8A, 8B, 9, 10)
Time: 2009-06-18-20

Zhang Tiejun 13911561388 010-683111370
Sessional forum (the corresponding period)
Contemporary sports place builds international forum
International steel structure and construction program design forum
The introduction of major project of Pearl River delta
Construction safety defends, news briefing of technology of explosion proof, waterproof, fire control
Dimensional film structure and harmony of person house environment watch forum
Promotion of product of rope of hardware tool, steel, fastener is met
Promotion of product of heat preservation of body of building technology, wall, energy-saving environmental protection is met
Industry of steel tube, stainless steel is building the application in the industry
The promotion of aluminous profile industry and development foreground
Promotion of waterproof, preservative coating, fire prevention, fireproof material is met
Exhibition organizing committee
Specially invite adviser: The leaf is like Tang, Song Chunhua, Yang Shen
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