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2009 Shanghai (the biggest) building materials decorates exhibition (5000 exhibi
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2009 Shanghai (the biggest) building materials decorates exhibition (5000 exhibit a construction ministry to sponsor)
The 17th international of 2009 Shanghai builds building materials to decorate exhibition

Time: In March 2009 31, the ground will nod on April 3: Shanghai new international reads extensively center (Yang Lu of Shanghai Pudong dragon 2345)

Contact: Phone of Zhang Tiejun 13911561388: 010-68311370

Sponsor an unit:
Construction ministry China builds culture center
Niya of Italian rich the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces shows a group

Support an unit:
People's Republic of China builds a department
Chinese bldg. association

Many abroad country exhibits a group to was joined once more 2008 exhibit
8 meetings couplet is exhibited, 120 thousand square metre exhibits audience of major of an area, 100 thousand China and foreign countries
■ Shanghai, the investment of the whole world heats up earth
Shanghai obtains what world rich met 2010 successfully to hold advantageous position, in the city municipal construction and the direct investment that show place will exceed 3 billion dollar, the 5-10 that the investment that drives outspread domain by its will be direct investment more times, so far, 500 strong companies of world already had 80% to enter Shanghai, headquarters of many 120 company that cross a state establishs Shanghai, international of close a hunderd schools purchases center of group, research and development also be stationed Shen Cheng. According to statistic, the interior design construction such as Shanghai guesthouse, hotel, office, bazaar, residence decorated total production value to amount to many yuan 500 2002. Area of industry of urban construction, hotel, modern business affairs, the long-term prosperity of real estate is driving the bitter fleabane break out that builds an industry to exhibit, the investment that makes Shanghai becomes the world to fix eyes upon heats up earth.

755 exhibits as top as Europe interior decoration to exhibit the sponsor person of SAIEDUE originally
-- Italy the group combines Boluoniya
Niya of Italian rich the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces shows a group (BolognaFiere) it is one of exhibition companies that Italy has dimensions most, organize 65 every year in all in Italy and other country large exhibit meeting, exhibit in order to sponsor adornment of building of 3 big international especially (SAIE/CERSAIE/SAIEDUE) civilized whole world, gather every year world each district postpones business many times 4300, gross area achieves 600 thousand square metre, attract international of about 376000 polynomial to buy the home to show up. In memory of global major personage, boluoniya already became a building to adorn profession of the pronoun of top class brand, top class technology and development tide indicative.
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