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The 7th 2009 China (Shanghai) exhibition of industry of international mobile pho
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Guild of Shanghai communication manufacturing industry
Chinese Electronic Society
Shanghai international advertisement shows limited company
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Shanghai international advertisement shows limited company
Tang Haixian is unripe 13402053613
[ginseng extend range]

(One) mobile terminal: Generation of manufacturer of manufacturer of mobile phone brand, ODM of firm of mobile phone design, mobile phone, OEM, EMS, mobile phone is plant business, young the mobile terminal such as TV of camera of well-informed, PDA, number, palmtop computer, mobile phone produces manufacturer;

(2) relevant fittings and product:

1. Semiconductor device reachs IC circuit: Glue of sensor of design of chip, chip, image, electric silicon, mediation implement, technology of application of telecommunications of semiconductor device, integrated circuit and network of data news report;

2. Indication component: Illuminant of back of mobile phone indication screen, LCD, LED, be in a poor light module, turn over garnish of lens of model of screen of mating plate, PMMA, PC, LCM, LCD and module, metal, filter, camera lens, mobile phone and of all kinds plank to wait;

3. The furniture that pack: Adhesive plaster, gaskets, optics pressing overcomes ministry of force board, communication to taste, besmear outfit goods, plated film, sign, label, nameplate, brand, face plate, be in a poor light protective screen, paper is tasted presswork, mobile phone exterior, mobile phone skin is covered, condole belt decorates rope and goods of static electricity proof packaging to wait;

4. Rubber-plastic goods and structural member: Products of rubber of silicon of key-press of carapace of mobile phone mould, mobile phone, mobile phone, electric film, plastic products, plastic mould, oak, filmy switch, model cuts a product, turn imprint reach glass of printing ink coating, mobile phone window, plastic eletroplate reach a mould the design;

5. Circuit board connects a line: Soft circuit board, flexible circuit board, printed circuit board, oar of line of PCB board, FPC, base, connector, platoon, electric silver, insulating material, optical material, face plate, computer and relevant product OEM, SMT;

6. Power source reachs batteries: Power source of core of report of power source product, high frequency product, batteries, batteries, switch kind, mobile phone charger;

7. Electronic component: Oscillator of capacitor, resistor, coil, filter, smooth parts of an apparatus, sensor, optical component, loudhailer, diode, dynatron, crystal, resonator, antenna, be stationed in extremely microphone of type of system electric capacity, piece microphone of type, magnetic material, mobile phone, earphone, receiver;

8. Receive plug-in unit and component: Receiver, horn, electrical outlet, connect, card, camera lens of line of terminal, vibrating motor, motor, data, mobile phone and photograph switch of coder of group resembling a model, group, number, electron to wait;
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