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Product of the exterior trim inside the 2nd car and new material apply internati
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Product of the exterior trim inside the 2nd car and new material apply • international seminar (9 years in May, lake of overgrown with weeds)
• activity item: Product of the exterior trim inside car of the 2nd China and new material apply international seminar
Time: 29-30 day ground will nod in May 2009: Anhui. Lake of overgrown with weeds (inform separately)
The corresponding period holds: Product of the exterior trim inside countrywide car, equipment and material are revealed meeting
Support an unit: Chinese car project learns

Sponsor an unit: Www.made.com.cn of net of conference of car of advisory limited company of business affairs of advantage of committee of technology of the exterior trim inside Inc. of strange luck car, Shanghai, China

Media support:
" contemporary car " magazine company, " Shanghai car signs up for " , " auto industry " magazine company, " world car " magazine company, " car new material " magazine company, " Auto Interiors " magazine company, " Plastics News " magazine company

As the rapid promotion of Chinese car place in the whole world, compatriots from at first of car brand buy oriented gradually reason is changed, to
Evaluate ability integratedly of car product function to get strengthening, it is mature to tend stage by stage to the requirement of car model, structure and project,
Of the own brand that also is China so live created good luck and development vacuum.
Detail decides success or failure, how letting inside and outside act the role of a product is an element not just, however one sells a dot, product window, this is
A problem that automobile industry encounters, especially we must solve in development of homebred car future. We will from interior trim function
design, research and development, make wait for an element to spread out discuss, the mechanical analysis of the design of orgnaization of the delicate sex that for instance inside and outside acts the role of, motion, damper, serious effect function quality, and the application of the development of the mould, new material, it is the real problem that this second conference needs to discuss and be solved.
Act the role of design and the communication that develop a technology and collaboration to promote inside and outside of domestic and international car, we planned meticulously this second congress. The first day plans to give priority to conference time, communicate honored guest general to divide an unit according to research organization of truckload, design and component manufacturer undertaking the theme interacts; Communicate to discuss in group the following day and look around. An activity gets coming from the masses, extensive inferior, collect pay of case of numerous, strange luck, wheat Si Taier, be the same as nimble with aid, on steam group, medium group of automobile of Europe international, youth, 10 thousand amount to, auspicious, Chang'an, dragon is achieved, Ou Bo of Ao Jie, model, get accord reputably.
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