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2009 Beijing (the biggest) exhibition of glass of wall of act of 14 doors window
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2009 Beijing (the biggest) exhibition of glass of wall of act of 14 doors window (5000 exhibit)
Congress ad hoc: International finance investment, landed development exhibits an area
Contact: Zhang Tiejun 13911561388 phones: 010-68311370
Date: In June 2009 18-20 day
Place: Beijing. China International exhibits a center (north of area of Beijing rising sun 3 annulus east road 6) (1A, 1B 2A, 2B.2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8A, 8A, 8B, 9, 10)

Sponsor an unit: People's Republic of China builds a department

Undertake unit: China builds culture center

C&US, china 2009 exhibition is exclusive the fair of international building materials that sponsors by construction ministry
The function that builds a department builds a career for general management whole nation, include construction of project, city, bourg construction, bldg. , real estate, municipal public utility.
C&US, china is exhibited is the large building materials that holds around the above work limits that builds a department professional international shows an activity, it is the administrative levels inside construction department system highest, dimensions the biggest, influence the grand meeting of direction of development of estate of building materials of building of the most far-reaching, delegate.
Current mass rally shows the emphasis, the way that construction of city of delibrate our country develops, seek power banking of international, home to invest course of study, real estate to develop the well-known company such as supplier of course of study, product to gather together, drive a city to construct the cooperative exhibition scale of industrial catenary: Exhibit an area: 1; of 0 square metre is exhibited: 4000

Support and assist run an unit
Beijing of Beijing program committee establishs industry group finite liability company
Finite responsibility fair China builds group of Beijing city building project head office
China builds metallic structure association to build ministry residence industrialization to promote a center

Ginseng exhibit limits and expense
Window of • aluminium alloy door: Facilities of profile of windows of all sorts of aluminium alloy door, aluminium alloy, special treatment, mould, detect the product of relevant form a complete set such as equipment and technology
Window of • plastic door: All sorts of plastic door windows, plastic profile, mould, crowded an equipment, assemble treatment facilities and product of relevant form a complete set
• builds act wall: Wall of wall of unit act wall, stone material act, aluminium board act, vitreous act wall, fittings reachs treatment facilities
• hardware kind: Hardware of form a complete set of wall of all sorts of door windows, act
• glass and glue kind: Hollow glass, hot reflex glass, low radiation glass, safe glass, fluid sealant, hardware the relevant product such as structural rubber and facilities of treatment of form a complete set
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