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Russia international was carried 2009 shed exhibition with content
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Russia international was carried 2009 shed exhibition with content
Extend meeting time: On April 21, 2009 - 24 days
Exhibit meeting site: Russia Moscow
Exhibit can sponsor: British ITE group
The exhibition is periodic: A year
Limits of item on display:
• stock carries and storage equipment: Direct forklift, tractor, automatically carry a car, case heavy equipment, carry equipment, tray, manipulator, litre fall equipment, stereo goods shelves, ark of platform of car of all sorts of automation storehouse, storehouse doors, discharge, discharging, weighing apparatus, tool, labour equipment of implemental, trundle, haven, storage uses steel structure to wait.
• content sheds IT: Bar code technology and identify technology, communication technology automatically, can inspect data of system, factory to collect, system of control of flow of information platform, stock, supply software of chain management technique, relevant database, reserve / discrepancy library / goods port works integratedly administrative system.
• content sheds automation equipment technology: System of content shedding automation sorting of robot of appearance of product line of compositive, automation, sensor, automation, manipulator, industry, article, pack reach say to weigh sorting machine of equipment and technology, automation, leather belt and catenary transmission of transmission technology, special motive force and control system.
• content flows reach facility for transporting: Van, cold storage is refrigerant system of location of carriage car of car, container transport car, special type industry, GPS, but storage and retrieval industrial lorry, all sorts of haven are special car, railroad carries car to wait.
• content sheds a service: The 3rd / all directions content flows, content spreads base / center, deserve to send a center, fast give, haven / dock, airport, postal content flows, supplier of business affairs of electron of goods generation, B2B, marine / waterborne, railroad / highway transportation, airborne, conduit is carried, many type.
Postpone meeting introduction:
"Russia international is carried shed exhibition with content " it is Russia, alone content shedding exhibits the major with couplet body and Baltic the most massive zone, by the whole world ITE of company of the 2nd big exhibition is sponsorred, heretofore already held 11. Muscovite international content flows exhibit for international company of content shedding equipment, technology and tripartite service provided a mutual communication and trading platform. Should exhibit can get total bureau of Russia Department of Transportation, custom and carriage association support, obtain international to exhibit allied UFI attestation.
Reviewing of previous term or session:
Content of Muscovite 2006 international flows exhibit share 418 when come from 25 countries ginseng that postpone business to exhibit, exhibit an area to exceed 10, 500 square metre, attract come from the country such as Si Tan of Russia, White Russia, Kazakstan, Wukelan, Lithuania, polish, Finland the major of 380 cities buys the home 15200.
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