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Russia is Muscovite 2009 exhibition of electron of summertime international elec
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3, exhibit a product: Electric equipment of power electric equipment and product of project installation form a complete set, tall low-pressure whole set and electron yuan parts of an apparatus, component, fittings, join, semiconductor device of chip, electric power, breaker, transducer, commutator, relay, contactor, fuse, transformer, when accuse switch. Solar energy reachs product of other new energy resources. Electronic industry pattern and equipment, test and measure a technology, be defeated change report and product of domain of electron of relevant electric power.

4, pertinent information: Constituent dominant position: 1) is worth reliant partner. I can close to via Department of Commerce, trade approval of total meeting, MII is had do domestic and internationally extend right, it is the authoritative orgnaization that trade closes to meeting system devotes oneself to to organize Chinese enterprise to attend international major electron to exhibit; 2) home forms a delegation scale is the largest, exhibit a position exceedingly good. I can begin to organize enterprise of electron of domestic professional electric power to attend this to exhibit from 2002, develop relevant market actively, form a delegation first ginseng of more than 100 enterprises is exhibited, trade result is remarkable; Ginseng of 3) active assistance exhibits an enterprise to strive for international market of medium and small businesses to develop capital allowance support.

Exhibit can see without exception: Exhibition of electron of Muscovite international electric power is by Russia international exhibits a center (EXPOCENTR) one of exhibition of electron of professional electric power with sponsorred the biggest hamster. Hold successfully every year, already had 35 years of histories up to now. The company of electric power electron with world well-known each country all values Russia market generally and gather should exhibit meeting. Exhibition of previous term or session (ELEKTRO-2008) mutual will come from Er of China, England, Germany, Italy, France, earth oneself its, Si Tan of Spain, Poland, Korea, Czech, Kazakstan, Wukelan, White Russia, always exhibit an area about 28, 347 square metre. German enterprise is in Han Nuowei company guide next composition the biggest international exhibits a group, after Italy exhibits round close therewith, chinese enterprise exhibited round figure to reveal the glamour that China makes adequately with the 3rd big international. Its exhibit earthy Er the group appears first, 2009 earth Er its exhibit augment ginseng the area. Russia already began to undertake comprehensive infrastructure is built, as a result of the source is extensive, the market demand of construction of water, report, gas is bigger, russia has to hamster very big shoot ability, it is the market that our country enterprise develops mainly. Product of electron of our country electric power provides sexual price to compare a dominant position extremely, market is in Russia is very competitive, attending this to exhibit is the quickest and efficient way that electron of our country electric power exports an enterprise to develop this market.
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