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2009 middle east (enlighten do obeisance to) international content sheds exhibit
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2009 middle east (enlighten do obeisance to) international content sheds exhibition
Extend meeting time: On May 31, 2009 - on June 2
Exhibit meeting site: A couplet chief of a tribe enlighten do obeisance to world trade centre
Exhibit can sponsor: German Frankfurt (enlighten do obeisance to) exhibition company
The exhibition is periodic: Two years
Limits of item on display:
Equipment of much style freight, system, technology and service, crane, crane, deferent system, put in storage and storage equipment, system, technology and service, wu of kimono of haven, airport and dock equipment, system, technology, carry and logistics, pack, free zone equipment, system, technology and service, haven, airport, dock and free zone, freight, goods and express company, marine with course, commercial vehicle, free zone, safe, clean equipment, forklift, storehouse car, say (the volume is heavy) equipment, storage system, goods is filled up and goods mat system, safe system is waited a moment
Postpone meeting introduction:
"Content of middle east international flows exhibit " it is the distinguished gathering of content popularity industry with middle east the largest area, her success held the high speed growth that flows for content of area of whole middle east to offer to trade superexcellently platform. Should exhibit by the world company of exhibition of rank tertiary Frankfurt is held, only then did 2001, it is the optimal shortcut that content sheds industry business to develop huge middle east market.
The 4th " content of middle east international flows exhibit " was in in May 2005 enlighten center of the trade that do obeisance to a world is held ceremoniously, exhibit the person that can attract 3286 when come from 30 many countries and area to look around in all, the person that these visitting basically comes from subcontinent of Arabia bay country, middle east, North Africa, Iran, India, and Caspian with country of the Red Sea. In the person that look around, the enterprise is possessory occupied with partner 5% , executive president was occupied 2% , standing and sensible occupied with general manager 14% , selling manager and market manager were occupied 7% , supplied chain director to occupy 16% , content shedding manager was occupied 13% , carry and deserve to sent a manager to occupy 12% .
Mr Walid Dniel of Span trading company comments on: "We were mixed 2001 2003 exhibit storehouse support system and deposit of EXE science and technology and inventory system were revealed on the meeting, obtain favorable result. This is exhibited is a very good opportunity for the partner that no matter to us the company still is us,meets, we will exhibit as always support this henceforth meeting. We will exhibit as always support this henceforth meeting..
Market background:
★ enlighten the Jebel Ali harbor that do obeisance to and Rashid harbor are one of the world's biggest 20 container port city, among them JebelAli harbor is the world harbor of the biggest man-made. 100 international carriage course serves for it, and the goods have a change of luck of 60% .
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