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Cast of first China car produces modern technology forum
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Cast of first China car produces modern technology forum
Time: The ground nodded on November 19, 2008: Guangdong contemporary international shows central D office

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Dispatch of Guangdong of Www.made.com.cn of net of conference of car of China of advisory limited company of Shanghai advantage business affairs exhibits the conference to show limited company

Car cast is the biggest impetus that our country casts course of study to develop, it is one of main and downstream industries of production industry of our country automobile, truckload the part that has 10.5% about is cast-iron, 6.4% aluminous cast, still magnesian cast, copper cast, zinc cast has certain proportion, these cast not only the amount is large, and quality demand is high. As the ceaseless development of manufacturing industry of our country automobile, car cast output also grows subsequently. The hub of the lid of car engine cylinder body, crock, manifold that take energy of life, crankshaft, apply the brake, attention focus that turning to the main cast such as section, camshaft is car casting manufacturer forever. Lead to win the market to have, answer international car cast to purchase Shang Ke to cut a demand especially, must occupational technology upland.

Will invite enterprise of the following key to attend:  touchs cast of domestic and international car of? of large bamboo hat of be apt to of apology of  of    to purchase business / relevant technology supplier
Be like: This masses of one steam masses, general motors, Shanghai, abundant cropland, cropland, day is produced, sea horse of Ford car, one steam, extensive inferior car, collect cropland of blessing of steam of numerous car, east wind, contemporary, Hua Chen, north, Jiang Ling, Chang'an, Chang'an.

Attend freely (whole course is free, receipt and sign up pay arrangement is dealt with before will end on October 31 please. )
1, meeting site will hold DMP 2008 - the 2nd period: Banter  at  of  of body of Fu of Ci of  abdomen  ah day of 19-22 of month of?11 of scald in order to remove hairs or feathers of  of pa of ⒀ strange  , 1500 exhibit a) ; Exhibit meeting grand occasion to be able to browse: Http://www.dmpshow.com/cn/intro.html
2, 3000 yuan / time of 20 minutes of speeches (belong to assistance property, will reflect adequately on the meeting) ;

Advisory limited company of Shanghai advantage business affairs is the conference with automobile outstanding industry sponsors an orgnaization, held water 2001, devote oneself to all sorts of delibrate of car domain, forum, match, invite applications for a job to the international conference such as the meeting is sponsorred and carry on. Major involves a car design, research and development, make, human affairs, purchase, each branches such as sale, maintenance, 120000 person-time had entered each activity that we organize, involve car trade almost all and well-known trademark. So far, advantage company owns unit of member of nearly 800 China and foreign countries, 260 thousand car is relevant industry database system, can mix for the value space with client infinite creation extend a space.
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