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2009 Shanghai (the biggest) door window, act wall, vitreous exhibition
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2009 Shanghai (the biggest) door window, act wall, vitreous exhibition (construction ministry is sponsorred 5000 exhibit)
1-4 ground will choose time in April 2009: Road of Long Yang of Pudong of Shanghai of? of happy travel of ├ of assorted of  of shrimp P deer 2345) contact: Dish  ?13911561388 phone: 010-68311370

Sponsor an unit:
Construction ministry China builds culture center
Niya of Italian rich the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces shows a group

Support an unit:
People's Republic of China builds a department
Chinese bldg. association
Ginseng extend range:
Window of • aluminium alloy door: Facilities of profile of windows of all sorts of aluminium alloy door, aluminium alloy, special treatment, mould, detect the product of relevant form a complete set such as equipment and technology
Window of • plastic door: All sorts of plastic door windows, plastic profile, mould, crowded an equipment, assemble treatment facilities and product of relevant form a complete set
• builds act wall: Wall of wall of unit act wall, stone material act, aluminium board act, vitreous act wall, fittings reachs treatment facilities
• hardware kind: Hardware of form a complete set of wall of all sorts of door windows, act
• glass and glue kind: Hollow glass, hot reflex glass, low radiation glass, safe glass, fluid sealant, hardware the relevant product such as structural rubber and facilities of treatment of form a complete set
All sorts of • class: All sorts of door of automatic door, fire prevention door, guard against theft, garage door, steel door, wooden structures door window and relevant product
Contact an address: Beijing Haidian area 13 China build road of 3 lis of rivers culture center edifice
Zip code: 100037
Contact: Dish  ?13911561388
Phone: 010-68311370
Fax: 010-68311370
Mailbox: Ztj407@126.com

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