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Machine of Australian international project was exhibited 2009
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Extend meeting time: 21-23 daily name will end in May 2009: On Feburary 10, 2009
Exhibit meeting site: Australian Sydney
Sponsor an unit: Australia is communal construction project association
Hold cycle: Annual

Limits of item on display
Machine of ventilated equipment, operation equipment, building maintenance, chemical goods, cut, clean device, business unit of machine of cut of equipment of adviser of machinery of the car, machine that control territory, concrete, project, construction, crane, cutting tool, blow-off device, drilling, grab, electron is controlled, system of control of processing system of safe dress, rubbish, liquid waste processing system, water, solder machine of cut of equipment and service, lumber, weeding machine

Market environment:
Australian project machine is exhibited is Australian Sydney local government, public project, bldg. and Xin Nawei local government and come first on the list of public project industry mix Er person city the biggest exhibit meeting. Began to hold 1955, it is with experience of 50 years draw lessons from, this annual grand meeting, very high value is had for the enterprise of mechanical to the project industry. The famous name tagvisiting card that previous term or session plays this to exhibit has card spy those to strap, Keyes, Yinggesuolan, contemporary, small pine, VOLVO, home exhibits business to include Xu Gong, Liu Gong, the land of country intelligence, medium couplet. Exhibited meeting accumulating to achieve 30000 square metre, and exhibit meeting dimensions to still be in every year growth.

Contact means:
Beijing cornfield connects meeting international to show limited company
Address: Garden of Beijing Haidian area east road 32 A 610 rooms
Contact: You Jia is free phone: 800 820 9607
Phone: 13146547745 of 010-51659302 mobile phone faxes: 010-51659302 turns 18
Mailbox: Cornfairs@163.com network address: Www.cornfairs.com

Exhibit below can begin to sign up:

1 Australian concrete is exhibited annual in March 2009
Machine of project of 2 France international is exhibited in April 2009 3 years
Equipment of highway of 3 polish international and construction industry are exhibited annual in May 2009
Building materials of building of 4 Algerian international is exhibited annual in May 2009
Machine of project of 5 Muscovite international is exhibited annual in June 2008
Machine of project of 6 Brazil international is exhibited in June 2009 3 years
Machine of project of Si Tan international exhibits 7 Kazakstan annual in September 2009
Machine of project of 8 Wu Kelan and construction machinery are exhibited annual in October 2009
Machine of project of international of Bie Kesi calm exhibits 9 Wu Ci annual in October 2009
Construction machinery of 10 Algerian international is exhibited annual in November 2009
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