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Control of the 4th mass of vehicle, experiment and measure technical communicati
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•Control of the 4th mass of vehicle, experiment and measure technical communication to meet (in November, big talk)
•Mobile item: Activity of series of advantage automobile industry------Walk into limited company of car of one steam sea horse
Control of the 4th mass of vehicle, experiment and measure technical communication to meet
The corresponding period holds: Chinese car engine makes with time of seminar of development technology international: On November 26, 2008 - 28 days of places: Hainan province. Big talk city / 3 inferior city
Sponsor an unit: Www.made.com.cn of net of conference of car of guild of industry of automobile of province of advisory limited company of Shanghai advantage business affairs, Hainan, China
Support an unit: Project of car of limited company of car of one steam sea horse, China learns to detect professional committee, " contemporary car " magazine company (former " car research and development " magazine)
Theme of current mass rally: The management of control of mass of vehicle and safeguard and technology innovate
Develop at full speed as Chinese auto industry, the car is truckload detect the heat that reachs the component related to its to make test and quality monitoring already became the attention inside course of study increasingly, the measurement that car domain grows continuously needed negate to reflect the higher demand to security, dependability, effectiveness. Detect to give broad automobile industry quality, measure reach engineer of technical research and development to offer with supplier of domestic and international technology face-to-face communication opportunity, we organize this second plenary meeting especially.
Now annual meeting paper collect an announcement to send you, ask you active compose paper and at read out is published during annual meeting. Session will undertake selection to the paper, paper of bear the palm is recommended recommend at paper of bear the palm publish on the periodical that sponsors at academy of Chinese car project, issue honorary letter. Accompanying most car truckload built qualitative check and test department with component enterprise, auto industry is controlled to quality and the communication demand of test technology becomes the force that the market cannot ignore gradually, the relevant technique that more replaces also expects Chinese market admit. Accordingly, seek product representative, create Chinese area agency, the good luck such as technology and capital collaboration will make the main trend that in the near future Chinese automobile industry and international test measure a technology to conform and high speed develops. Communication will be consistent with the world the achievement of science and technology of foremost edge is forerunner, it is communication main body with advanced car project and design and development. A conference is attracted come from famous car truckload with component enterprise 200 much people attend plenary meeting, gave height consistently the opinion to congress.
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