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Countrywide car automobile body designs the applied seminar of development and n
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The applied seminar of development of design of automobile body of car of • whole nation and new material (9 years in April, shanghai)
• activity item: The applied seminar of development of design of countrywide car automobile body and new material (9 years in April 20-21 day, shanghai)
The corresponding period holds: The 5th car (automobile body) design and project technology achievement are revealed meeting
Time: 20-21 day ground will nod in April 2009: Shanghai guesthouse of above of some 4 stars (inform separately)
Sponsor an unit: Shanghai advantage business affairs seeks advice from Www.made.com.cn of net of conference of car of limited company, China
As the rapid promotion of Chinese car place in the whole world, compatriots from at first of car brand buy oriented gradually reason is changed, get strengthening to evaluating capability integratedly of car product function, it is mature to tend stage by stage to the requirement of car model, structure and project, of the own brand that also is China so live created good luck and development vacuum.
The design that how promotes a car automobile body develops a standard, and strengthen a car light the perfect union that quantifies the integrated index such as construction and safeguard safety factor, need automobile body of car of China and foreign countries and material development elite support energetically and answer all sorts of challenges actively.
Advisory limited company of Shanghai advantage business affairs regards automobile industry as compose of famous professional conference platform build an orgnaization, responsible assume an organization with obligation this second congress, and force hurried becomes afterwards " design of car of China and foreign countries and development engineer congress " and " design of the exterior trim inside countrywide car develops the conference " the another large communication later cooperates platform, the member that the decision-maker that runs the level is made in automobile body to struggle by tens of thousands offers precious study communication opportunity.
Current activity drafts arrangement to be held between car exhibition period, believe as home the participation of numerous and professional orgnaization can do plenary meeting certainly, expect each industry colleague cooperates hand in hand.
The key invites personnel:
Manufacturer of automobile body of plant of main engine of domestic and international car, car, raw material and equipment (software) manager of chief inspector of research and development of the general manager of the supplier, technology, project, technology manager, design director, product manager, purchase personnel of manager, mould manager, advanced technology to wait; And the senior expert that comes from scientific research school, guild waits.
List of gist speech honored guest invites in, the welcome hangs down ask.
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