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Eleventh Dongguan international mould and metallic treatment exhibit DMP 2009
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Eleventh Dongguan international mould and metallic treatment exhibit DMP 2009
Machinery of the largest international exhibits Hua Na 100, 000 square metre 5, 000 stall 110, 000 buy the home
In November 2009 10-13 day
Guangdong visits town of Dongguan city large market
Dispatch connects a group to held water 1985, for one-stop professional exhibition makes preparations business, publish industrial journal to reach offer advertisement design to presswork service. Develop through 20 years, dispatch connects what already became big China area to have force extremely to exhibit hold a conference or consultation. Dispatch told holding company 2001 (share number: 8082) place is handed in to appear on the market in Hong Kong couplet, become the exhibition company that big China area appears on the market the first times. Dispatch connects a company to make preparations every year regularly more than 20 internationally exhibition,
The detail hangs down please ask / Enquiry:
Shanghai dispatch exhibits the conference to show limited company (dispatch opens wholy-owned subsidiary of exhibition company country)
Contact: Wang Zigong (project manager)
Mobile phone: 13916251946
MSN: Wang_zihong@hotmail.com
E-mail: Cnshow-xunzhan@yahoo.cn
QQ: 23364951
Phone: 021-63045419 - 216
Fax: 021-64181136
Address: Shanghai hits Pu Lu square of yulan magnolia of a gold on the west building 1005 rooms
Postcode: 200023
Head office network address: Http://www.paper-com.com.hk/
Exhibit meeting government website: Http://www.dmpshow.com/
Market information / Market Info:
1, Chinese economy grows flourishingly, the economic growth of 1-6 month Guangdong and Dongguan was 11.5 % respectively 2007, 14 % reach 18 % . Amount of foreign trade imports and exports is amounted to 14, 22.12 billion dollar. 5 years GDP forecasts Chinese future year all grow 7.5 % .
2, Guangdong is saved amount of 1-9 month imports and exports was 456.3 billion dollar 2007, grow 21 % compared to the same period, hold total of countrywide imports and exports 29 % (first place of house whole nation) .
3, momentum of exit of foreign trade of city of 1-6 month Dongguan is powerful 2007, amount of imports and exports is climbed continuously litre, amount of imports and exports of Dongguan city foreign trade 46.1 billion dollar, grow 22 % compared to the same period.
4, Dongguan is the industrial base with Hua Na the hugest district, share 180 many industrial districts or economic area, have 32 garrison posts, many 50 thousand enterprise, among them 3 endowment the enterprise is occupied 15, many 000.

Extend meeting scope / Scale Of DMP:
Previous term or session (2007) predict current (2008)
Assembly room area 73, area of assembly room of 966 square metre 90, 000 square metre
Stall 4, 100 stall 5, 000
Ginseng postpone business 1, 114 ginseng postpone business 1, 300
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