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Hand-held (portable) pneumatic makes mark machine
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Hand-held (portable) pneumatic makes mark machine
Hand-held (portable) pneumatic makes mark machinePEQD-030 (hand-held) brief introduction of pneumatic sign chance
One, suitable scope:
Agree with dozen of mark of large work or no-go mobile workpiece, and cooperate automation line exercise to use.

2, use range:
The domain such as car, autocycle, mechanical, steely, oil, aviation, electric equipment, agree with to make bid to no-go shift, bigger workpiece surface. Wait like frame, engine, vitta.

3, main specifications:
1, the width of cloth that make bid: 80mm of × of 16mm of × of 60mm × 50mm, 125mm, 130mm (or the client is decided oneself)
2, the speed that print: (3mm is tall) 1-4 of English, number / second
3, the deepness that print: 0.01-2mm;
4, have function of graph of the random that print, character, font size random is adjusted;
5, have print function of number of pull current water automatically;
6, control fashion: Man-machine interaction;
7, mark form: Form of arc, line.

4, equipment use condition:
1, voltage: 220V ± 10% , 50Hz;
2, gas source: 0.2-0.4Mpa, dry and pure;
3, environmental temperature: 0- 400C.

5, product characteristic:
1, of chance of sign of my company pneumatic dozen heading foundation make for exact pattern, integral processability can be good, assured to make heading expensive campaign precision, make the character that make bid beautiful, beautiful. And the reload after other manufacturer uses fission to machine matchs, make the precision that make bid a few poorer;

2, 2 dimension workbench uses my company to press the industrial profile that delays treatment craft to make cheek by jowl, have light, beautiful, be out of shape small, sexual price compares advanced advantage, be applied extensively in machine structure in the developed country in last few years, the product of fine letter applies it ably in product structure, harmonious and beautiful;

3, of chance of sign of my company pneumatic dozen heading kinematic pair uses an entrance sharp movement slideway, self-lubricating from sealed and dustproof, assured to hit heading kinematic pair wear extent is dinky, make label pilot time moves in high accuracy stability. And the kinematic pair of other manufacturer uses sliding slideway, or use sharp movement guide and do not have sealed and dustproof device, make after sign chance is running period of time, kinematic pair wears away apparently, the precision that make bid drops very quickly;

4, chance of sign of my company pneumatic uses entrance pneumatic cell, high speed a powerful person is production of American MAC company, life is as long as 1-2 100 million;

5, the material of the pinhead that make bid of chance of sign of my company pneumatic uses entrance alloy data, distinctive treatment technology, make syringe needle hardness is as high as 92HRA, use dozen of label at most mechanical component and sign, also can hit quarter bearing, the tall hardness material such as gear is qualitative, syringe needle service life grows 1 times above than other manufacturer;
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