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Smartlase laser makes mark machine
Smartlase laser makes mark machineThe product explains
Opposite at other technologies, production chamber of commerce chooses laser to make a technology, because laser makes a way more reliable, cost is lower, increased the value of the product thereby.

Technical parameter
Operate an interface
Indication type: 1/4VGA is in a poor light super- show like liquid crystal
Resolution: 240*320 resembles element
Input clavier: Press the contact clavier that QWERT letter arranges
Character type: Count word face plate, directional key and Chinese font
Control mode: RUN (automatic) , STOP (bide one's time) with DEMO (the hand is moved)
Stimulate luminous intensity: Hit type function key
The graph shows: Inside buy color
Dimension (tall * wide * grows) : 15.9cm*24cm*4.4cm
Make a machine
The linage that print: Unlimited inside the limits that print
Every print all right: Character number is unlimited inside the limits that print
The area that print: (Tall * is wide) 50mm*80mm is the biggest
Character format: Mix to be chosen more, can reach 255*255 point most
Character type: Character, number, graph and symbol
Character dimension: Adjustable between 0.25mm-51mm
The method of image: 0-360 is spent
The azimuth that print: 0-90 is spent
Make an engine power: 10 tile, air is cool, electric class CO2 produces laser
In linear velocity: Be as high as 90 meters / minute
Protect grade: IP20C, standard
Dustproof be, optional
Waterproof be, optional
Working temperature: 5-40 Celsius
Couplet net interface: RS232, standard / aether net, optional
Input: 100-120/200-240VAC/50-60HZ, 225 tile, the biggest
Dimension: (Tall * wide * is long) 11.4cm*16.5cm*59.7cm
Weight: 10 kilograms

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