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YAG series laser hits sign chance 50w
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This function that make bid reachs sculpture of the high speed on a variety of metalloid material to give elegant literal pattern in the metal quite, apply extensively at the job making bid such as number of form code, 2 dimension code, graph, character, encode, serial, lot number, date, if hardware tool, horological, electric equipment, glasses, lighter, wholesome clean is provided,involve a trade, product of headgear of button, bullion, pottery and porcelain, balata, electron, a replacement of communication product, car.

Average power: 50W stimulates smooth wavelengh: 1.064um
Move Q frequency: ≤ 50KHz makes mark range: 100mm × 100mm
Carve deepness: Reticle of ≤ 0.3mm carve fast: ≤ 7000mm/s
Most flyer is wide: 0.04mm is the smallest character: 0.3mm
Repeat precision: ± 0.0002

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