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Laser of high speed of CT-LMG50 YAG series makes mark machine
Laser of high speed of CT-LMG50 YAG series makes mark machineThis equipment uses Germany to import optics of precision of SCANLAB high speed to scan Zhen Jing, cooperate new generation to have international the power source of laser of successive wave solid of advanced level is harmonic smooth Q switch, can undertake engraving writing to of all kinds material or make the permanent number preventing bogus that is modelled on hard. The computer controls input and output, strong to environmental adaptability.

Main technique parameter:
Laser medium: Nd:YAG
Stimulate smooth wavelengh: 1.06 μ M
Laser power: 50W
Laser frequency: 0-50kHz
Scanning speed: 5000mm/s
Quarter keep range: 110mm of Φ 65mm/ Φ
Quarter write deepness: 0.01mm-0.2mm (inspect data adjustable)
Hit graticule wide: 0.02mm-0.2mm

But orgnaization of options curved surface

Representative application domain:
This product not only apply to tool of warm equipment of electric equipment component, bearing, horological, water, hardware, brilliant brace up with the metal such as car spare parts material makes bid, still apply to partial leather, synthesize material, paper is tasted wait for metalloid material to make bid.

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