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Grind China industrial monitor
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British Imaje company is a large encode that is based on advanced ink jet technology and number facilities provider. Depend on its from solutions of some company level software, the equipment of Imaje applies extensively at all sorts of product line. Because the client on the market is at present compositive to product line the constant growth of demand, it is OK that Imaje needs platform of computer of industry of a base to give out the compositive system that installs the manufacturing facilities in the client to go up. Make an on-the-spot investigation with all possible means in the course and after the experiment, imaje is used grind China series product, successfully development goes can ensure client encode and production quality pilot are compositive solution.

Systematic requirement

The client of Imaje is involved make many industry field, arrive from food drink, pharmacy, car spaceflight. Need platform of fundamental industry computer so must can install easily below different environment, the in-house ERP system that and be open standard is mixed is based on PC and company network are compositive. Need facility additionally must hard usage, waterproof, aseismatic, can be able to bear or endure tall, low temperature. System and system of lead plane production are linked together, control grade and encode process through network of this locality aether.

The system explains

Imaje platform applies extensively at the label working procedure of food industry, include: Goods receipt (read take supplier label and generation dogs data) , dog through product grade make Cheng and the label that pack. The client asks flat computer has network news report, digitlization inputs output, the job that stabilizes for a long time additionally also is cannot little condition.

Grind China PPC-L127T flat computer has 12 inches of indication screen and a processor of Intel Celeron M. Appearance compact, facilitating installation, but perfect the interactive application process that applies to industrial environment. The low power comsumption of processor makes its need not fan can be installed within obturator. The user can pass waterproof, prevent vapour, dustproof Gao Kang to be able to touch screen to operate PPC-L127T.

Watch Dog(compositive watchdog) with power source management device makes his OK successive below unmanned guard environment movement. Aether net interface makes compositive easier, still can join through fittings patulous PCI gets stuck at the same time, can offer have the link with efficient economy with PLC and other equipment.

Network and communication often need changeover and adapter. Accordingly, imaje is used grind China commutator of ADAM RS-485/RS-232 series and commutator of aether network series. Had standard DIN slideway and mural outfit to secure, ADAM can complete the work well.
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