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The computer is built-in the machine that make bid
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Product description: Pneumatic of carry out of unripe produce and sale makes the sign chance, machine that make bugle call, hit chance of sign of the quarter machine, machine that make a yard, line, engraving tool, gush to pile up light of machine of machine, steel grade machine, steel seal, laser, report to imprint the product such as machine, embossing machine explains: Name: Attack Qian  spends characteristic of bald?PM108-PC104 of  of Hao of Long sauce Ji: Spend 隤 C104 computer, operate decrescent of bulk of just the same with PM108, more convenient Name:BUilt-in Computer Marking Model:PM108-PC104 Character:BUilt-in PC104 Computer, operate As PM108 Small Bulk, very Convenience name: Bald?PM122 of  of Hao of Ji of breed qualitative sauce prints area: 120X20mm characteristic: Qi < ? of Ze protruding ぜ is like car batholith, the Name:H such as vittaAndle Marking Model:PM122 Mark Range:120X20mm Character:MArk Big Object, for Example Batholith, vitta

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