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Technology of laser beam machining, product and market are analysed
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Technology of laser beam machining is national emphasis support and a when drive application new and high technology all the time, especially the government emphasizes wanting to revitalize manufacturing industry, this brings development opportunity to application of technology of laser beam machining. In the country when in making, long long-dated evolution plans, label laser beam machining the crucial technology that prop up again, the development of the industrialization that involves construction of national security, national defence, new and high technology because of it and forward position of science and technology, this promotes very tall heavy visual range to spend laser beam machining, also be sure to be mixed to the production of machine of laser beam machining upgrade bring very big business chance.

From Chinese optics the statistic of year after year of branch of photoelectron guild laser looks, year of sale that laser beam machining equips grow in high speed all the time. If grew 21.6% than 2002 2003, grew 18% than 2003 2004. Explain adequately, technology of laser beam machining is in our country already from research, the tower of ivory was walked out of in experimental exploration, walk up practical the way that change. Rise abruptly equipment of a batch of laser beam machining creates a company, production goes out by tens of thousands the machine of laser beam machining that the stage satisfies application. Hold sale year growth is in 20% the left and right sides. Because be opposite all sorts of conduct propaganda of home market, reveal, gain ground and groom for the user, big also earth widens the market develop of laser beam machining greatly, bring the faith that uses this kind of advanced production technology and determination to domestic user, the external environment that facilitating laser beam machining is able to apply more and more extensively, this is the market that we often say is affected. The market affects the sell like hot cakes that driving machine of laser beam machining again, such-and-such, form chain-reacting. because be driven so, had formed machine of laser beam machining to produce an enterprise to amount to more than 200 at present, from personnel of course of study nearly 20 thousand, among them brainpower is occupied about 50% , the employee of advanced title in having is occupied about 30% , had formed to have quite the industrial team of actual strength. In the meantime, also drew world each district the attention of manufacturer of a lot of equipment of laser beam machining and follow-up, home market already internationalization.

Generalize here case for, be like product of sell like hot cakes of machine of below a few kinds of laser beam machining nearly 2 years, make one brief introduction to the reader:
Heat product
One, the high speed of product of laser beam cutting machine develops
Before a few years, home is abroad to import a product for the most part in sold laser beam cutting machine, domestic product place holds share very small. Understand the progressively development of characteristic of laser cut technology as the user and show plasticity to use, drove domestic company to change production to laser beam cutting machine in succession. Like crop the biggest production company is company of equipment of laser of Shanghai solidarity Pu Ruima, year order goods already exceeded more than 100, the 8th is in global crop sort. Other still has nimble of branch of project of China labour laser, Jinan to stride, Jin Fangyuan of Shenyang Pu Ruima, Jiangsu. The near future has a few famous spend machine of more expensive laser beam machining to produce an enterprise to also throw force, begin those who produce laser beam cutting machine to have laser of Wuhan Hunan day, big a group of things with common features laser.
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