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CT-MF10 fiber-optic laser makes mark machine
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CT-MF10 fiber-optic laser makes mark machine
CT-MF10 fiber-optic laser makes mark machineThe product explains
Use the fiber-optic laser with the most advanced international, by the medium of fiber-optic and appropriative job of impure rare-earth element, diode coupling comes fiber-optic have pump river mouth, pump riverside light causes the particle number of working material energy level to invert, form the laser of quality of tall beam of light to output thereby.

Technical parameter
Laser power 10W
Stimulate smooth wavelengh
Modulation frequency 20-120KHz
Scanning speed 0-7000mm/s
Hit graticule wide 0.01mm-0.2mm
Hit mark deepness 0.01mm-0.2mm
0.2mm of the smallest character
Repeat precision ± 0.002mm
Hit 65mm of ¢ of award limits plane, 110mm
Cooling means wind is cold
Suttle 22KG
Over all dimension (long × wide × is tall) : 241mm of × of 636mm × 200mm

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