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IPG fiber-optic laser makes mark machine
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IPG fiber-optic laser hits sign chance 2006-5-17 (76) Information content: Limited company of science and technology of Electromechanical of Shenyang flying nimble is the 9727th factory develops and come by the the Chinese People's Liberation Army, the department flies to business of core of group of nimble international industry, it is China hits one of mark industry introducer, it is home passes China the earliest " national military standard " attestation (be equivalent to ISO9000 international quality certification system) the label prints equipment automatically to create a company. Pneumatic of computer of carry out of main unripe produce and sale hits electrochemistry of printer of sign of sign chance, intelligence, metal to hit sign chance, laser to hit sign chance, transformer, report to measure electron of desired result appearance, special type yuan the product of new and high technology such as parts of an apparatus; The sale pervades the domain such as facilities of metal of appearance of tool of autocycle of car of war industry, machine tool and accessory, engine, car and fittings, hardware, instrument, petro-chemical equipment, stainless steel, power, medical apparatus and instruments, thousands of client. Company successive Yuan Jun is versed in scientific research runs a base, product technology and dependability handle banner level in home, sale service network is perfect, before can offerring comprehensive carry out in time for the client, carry out medium, after service, mark machine is made in China very tall reputation is enjoyed in the market.
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