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Muti_function the metal makes sign chance brief introduction
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Muti_function the metal makes sign chance brief introduction
One kind this machine is our company development carves fluid with tailor-made metal, the patent technology product that in stainless steel, titanium all metal surface such as golden board, gold, silver-colored, copper, iron, stannum carves graph article at will. This machine besides have function of metallic engraving tool beyond, it still has a metal to make mark machine (can make bid at the same time for a lot of people, and everybody makes a bid 3 seconds every) , aureate machine, electroform machine, metallic sign chance, metallic chromatically machine, eletroplate machine, copper (steel) woodcut machine, electrophoresis machine, brush plating machine, caboodle gold machine, electropolishing machine and aluminous oxidation are chromatic machine. This machine still had the honor to win: Practical and new-style patent 1210661.5, the exterior designs patent 1310638.4, the invention is patent 1105380.1 wait for multinomial country patent. Passed national product quality inspection to report: Check of national qualitative prison 03 No.200150013, and the environment monitors a report: Shanghai (Yang Huan inspect) word the 059th) . Its characteristic:
1, if regard it as metallic engraving tool: It can carve graph article at will on all metals, and precision tall, speed facet of low, carve accumulates fast, cost to not be restricted, flat curved surface all but vulture, without flavour of noise, as good as, without dust, free from contamination, restrict without field. Apply to article of all metal graph to carve an industry.
2, if regard it as,large metal makes mark machine: It can print black and white label on all sorts of metals at the same time for a lot of people, speed is everybody makes a bid 3 seconds every, no matter product volume, planar, dambered surface, chip can be printed (it is OK also to if metalloid surface is aureate,belong to a layer) . The effect that make bid and laser make bid identical, and the 1/10 that cost is less than laser to make mark machine however! And clear, fast, changeless color, do not fall off, high temperature resistant, do not be afraid that organic dissolvent is swabbed, apply to tool of accessory of bearing, iron and steel industry, aerospace, machine tool, hardware, machinery to make, fittings of autocycle of instrument appearance, medical apparatus and instruments, car, kitchenware, water is warm name of the printing brand such as appliance, horological, broach, product, .
3, if regard it as aureate machine: It can go up in a variety of metals plating platinum (rhodium of platinize, plating) , gold (24K gold, 18K gold and copy gold) . Can brush plating quickly already, but groovy plating (rack plating or barrel plating) , apply to all precious metal to act the role of moral course of study.
4, if regard it as electroform machine: But electroform nickel, copper, iron, chromic, stannum, zinc, 24K gold, the metal such as pure silver. Power is driving, rate is rapid, low stress, quality is good. Suit patternmaking of mobile phone face plate, electroform sign, exact pattern industry, presswork make board, solder creams presswork board, pack mould suction model, slush moulding mould, drop model mould, spray paint mould, the spirit confidential letter such as printer nozzle is made, craft act the role ofing tastes mould of Bao Zhu, die-casting antrum, electric spark to shape of electrode make, pure gold He Chunyin is placed, the CD such as VCD piece laser of tool set, laser prevents bogus tool set to wait for an industry.
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