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Baronial radium surpasses laser to make mark machine
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Define this machine uses system of laser of entrance radio frequency and scanning of Zhenjing of entrance high speed, performance of beam of light is good, peak value power is high, function stabilizes maintenance-free. Have high rate (> 7000mm/s) , high accuracy (< 0.01mm the characteristic of = . The process that make bid is not a contact, the effect that make bid is permanent, human nature of unit process of cargo bandling is changed, equipment moving stability is good. Special control software but a variety of software output such as compatible AutoCAD, Corldraw, Photoshop, can realize picture of literal symbol, logo, number of form code, 2 dimension code, serial increases by degrees automatically weave automatically and revise what wait, support a variety of file forms such as PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, JPG, can use TTF font directly, contented industrialized big batch online or produce need from the line. Stimulate smooth wavelengh: 10.64 μ M most flyer is wide: 0.1mm pulse frequency: 100Khz is the smallest character: 0.3mm mark engraves deepness: ≤ 8mm repeats precision: 0.025mm mark cuts rate: Means of ≤ 7000mm/s refrigeration: Wind is cold / circular water-cooling is the biggest output power: 50w mark carves range: 300mm × 300mm
Product model: SCM25 country of origin: Chinese product brand: Have a detailed discussion product measure: Have a detailed discussion the specification that pack: Have a detailed discussion the price explains: Have a detailed discussion

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