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The advantage that laser cuts out comparative tradition cuts out
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The trade such as the toy is made in computer embroider and cloth, need to use knife model to cut into parts cut all sorts of footing. The knife model cost that make is very high, the time that make is longer. If dimension needs to adjust, former knife model cannot be used basically. Especially the effect of cloth of knife model cut is not ideal, cause cloth easily to take off silk because of point is out of shape and becoming blunt, the operation of working procedure of the line after giving brings a lot of inconvenience. When encountering small lot order, the effect that knife model causes to producing cost will be more apparent.

Applied laser cuts out technology, afore-mentioned problems but be readily solved. Especially for taller to those polyester or polyamide content fabrics, the advantage that laser cuts out will be more clear. Because stimulate light energy to make this kind of brim that fabrics cuts out slight and fused, formed a kind to won't come loose so the frit of the edge accepts the margin, the brim that cut out need not add any processing (stop without clip mouth and not hem) . Laser cuts out the technology replaces metallic knife with laser knife, match again with scientific and reasonable mechanical design, achieve 40 meters / minute the cut speed of above, and run smooth, cut careful and bright and clean, function is powerful, the difficult problem of a lot of involuntary discharge of urine that in solving the manufacturing process that the industry such as draw a design of computer embroider, dress is using mechanical cut thereby, faces.

Additional, be opposite with common cutting tool skin kind material undertakes ornamental engraving, or in the skin outfit surface sculpture gives all sorts of adornment characters or pattern, treatment is very difficult, use laser to cut out the technology can be on leatheroid material " sculpture " those who give naked eye to be aware of hard is numerous small hole, can improve the permeability of material and durable sex greatly thereby, make product class rises. (origin: China spins machine network)


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