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Laser industry moves toward maturity
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Experience development of more than 40 years, chinese laser industry begins to move toward maturity. As the rapid growth of international microelectronics, car and consumable market, market of laser, photoelectron also is in a period that develops steadily. Market of Chinese laser product predicted to will still continue to maintain stronger development momentum 2006, the market sells amount (contain holographic goods) hopeful achieves 6 billion yuan.

Laser technology and application have a breakthrough

As only as the international market the growth of 1% is contrary, market of Chinese laser product becomes the heat with the at present biggest industry of international laser photoelectron. What strengthen technical innovation to develop strategy as the country is comprehensive carry out, carry out, and " western big development " , " revitalize base of northeast old industry " the development that develops the strategy is fulfilled, various government is contemporary to revitalizing manufacturing industry, equip especially the demand of manufacturing industry is sent more intense, make Chinese laser industry is in a wonderful development period. 2005 is market of Chinese laser product a particular year of a high speed, steady progress. According to Chinese light assist the laser branch investigation to entire industry, 2005 Chinese laser product (contain holographic goods) the sale amount of the market has broken through 5 billion yuan to close greatly, it is 5.406 billion yuan. Among them, the sale of laser product is 4.011 billion yuan, than 2004 3.452 billion yuan grew 16.2% , add 559 million yuan completely; Because the wide application such as the outer packing of drug case and cigarette is at present holographic tool set technology, laser is holographic goods has bigger growth, the sale 2005 achieves 1.395 billion yuan, than 2004 1.164 billion yuan grew 18.9% , add 231 million yuan completely.

Laser technology is a when Chinese government focal point props up new and high technology all the time. From 1963 the countrywide science and technology at that time develops program and later " 65 " ~ " 15 " plan, go to what at present national organization makes " 2006, long-term development planned in national science and technology 2020 " , laser is made clear to label the new and high technology that develops mainly; In the country " 915 " in the program, chinese government already labelled laser the crucial technology that prop up.

Come more than 40 years, laser technology of China considered to obtain a lot of having international is advanced scientific research achievement of the level. Through the indefatigable effort of a few acting people, laser application of China also obtained the welcome progress that common people fixes eyes upon, drove the growth of whole laser market further thereby, the development of laser industrialization already also formed dimensions, had a batch of backbone companies that have certain dimensions and actual strength, its are middleaged on sale 100 million yuan enterprise (do not contain holographic goods produces manufacturer) have 12.
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