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Laser makes mark principle and application
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Mark (Mark) one word, it is mark, score, earmark, quarter imprint, print, impression, brand the synonym that wait, it shows a concrete mark sign, the maker of the attributive, product that exponent of in order to tastes, model, grade, category, quality, size, time, metric, detect, examine and verify, examination, notarization. Working principle laser makes bid is to use the corporeal face that washs beam of light to be in all sorts of differring to make permanent number. The effect that makes bid is those who carry exterior material evaporate show deep-seated matter, the chemical physics that perhaps brings about surface layer material through light energy changes and " quarter " give a mark, perhaps carry material of part of light energy burn-up, show the figure that needs quarter corrode, character. Working characteristic: (1) can undertake machining to great majority metal or metalloid material. (2) laser is with be not mechanical " cutting tool " undertake machining, do not produce mechanical extruding or mechanical stress to material, without " cutting tool " wear away, avirulent, cause environmental pollution rarely. (3) stimulates beam of light very fine, make be machined of material use up very small. (When 4) is machined, won't produce X ray in that way like the treatment method such as electron beam bombard, also won't suffer the interference of electric field and magnetic field. (5) operation is simple, technology of numerical control of use personal computer can realize automation treatment, can use on product line to undertake to component high rate, efficient treatment, can serve as flexible the one part in processing a system. (6) uses accurate workbench to be able to have careful small treatment. (7) is used microscopical system or photograph like the system, can observe to be being undertaken by treatment surface state or monitoring. (8) can be crossed pervious to light material (like quartz, glass) , in-house to its component undertakes machining. (9) can use system of prism, illuminator (to Nd: YAG laser still can be used fiber-optic guide optical system) gather beam of light workpiece inside the surface or tilt aspirant travel machines the surface. (10) can label the mark such as a form code, number, character, design. The line of these marks is broad can be less than 100um, line deepness can come 50um is the following, reason can be right " millimeter class " the spare parts surface of dimension size has number. When average metallic data labels, because be given by ablation the line of deepness of above of a few micron (width is OK a few micron come a few micron) , make the color of line is reached thereby glance rate and different before, create person look visual contrast effect, make a person can sensitive to these line (and the form yard that line makes, number, design, brand) . To plastic, because actinic reaction reachs ablation action, have visual contrast and close smooth result. If besmear in material surface with special coloured material undertakes labelling machining, coloured material can originally (produce effect of high temperature ablation with material) go up in line and make it brings facial expression. Return  
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