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Laser technology: Treatment handles the new channel of high strenth steel
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Car manufacturer more and more the treatment processing that relies on laser technology to undertake high strenth steel. No matter be to be used at soldering, cut or it is finishing, the economic advantage of laser beam machining all gets be reflectinged further. High strenth steel receives wider and wider application in auto industry, this makes the production cost of the car farther reduce. Its reason depends on, the use of high strenth steel reduced a car to assemble the amount of the component in link, because this reduced manufacturing cost, reduced truckload weight, make finally the fuel of the car is used up be able to reduce.

Laser v applies -- exterior wear-resisting processing

Of new-style rolled steel use be not plain sailing, without any obstacles. To acquire high strenth or property of extra high strength, undertake to car component during shape pressure sclerosis is handled normally. The mould that Austrian case pulls college of Ci grain industry and shape the institute undertakes " Cool Tool " the research that the project had this side just about. This plan included a sclerotic to pressure process to undertake the mould of microtherm temper processes a system, this system uses the technology that the course improves, can more economic ground undertakes to steel of gold of boracic chemical combination pressure sclerosis is handled. The geometrical appearance of cooling passageway is bestrewed like the network at mould interior, optimized thereby refrigeration and increase heat energy power, shortened treatment is periodic.

The mould uses material of nodular cast iron to be made normally, its cost is very low, and facilitate undertake fabricating, but low, wearability needs existence surface strength wait for a problem, be necessary to be in so bear clothe of high load area material of a tall hardness, laser powder v is achievable this operation. The fact proves, laser powder v is a kind of very good method that finishs this kind of craft.

In this kind of craft, metallic powder is sent into bath of workpiece surface laser with as coaxial as laser light beam direction, and need not undertake warm-up to workpiece. Metallic powder and base material formed the wear-resisting metallurgy mixture of high strenth together. Compare with traditional agglomeration method photograph, laser powder deposit is having incomparable advantage: Hot input amount is small, hardness increases and exterior crackle decreases; Coating interior hardness is finite distributing, coefficient of friction is good; Base material is out of shape very little, leftover stress won't bring about crackle in shape. And laser powder deposit can be used completely at automation production.
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