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The development of laser tag market locates
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The laser tag that print is omnipresent. No matter be,need to use many laser to print label in the office, supermarket and factory. The staple market domain of the laser tag that print is postal, brand and form code label, because it can make the each product rise in value of the enterprise, still can make product diversification, accordingly times get public figure of all trades and professions love. In addition still more and more enterprises consider to add laser label on their product, bring higher profit for them.

When the selling manager Steve Brocker of company of American Western States Envelope is considering the development of laser tag market and trend, think to should locate in what have the client goes up. He says: "If we want to develop the market of laser tag, should make from existing client first, enquire to them they are how to presswork of their brand, so that answer them effectively. To gain more sale markets, we should help a client make full use of of brand presswork characteristic, make product rise in value. " the controller of a lot of enterprises indicates approval to this one viewpoint, it is very difficult that they think to enter a commercial field that does not use laser label, that need has sufficient experience. Want to solve this one problem, some pressworking should show in them it is certain to be made on the system improve. Need those who issue business to find out a client to presswork above all what is the requirement, where is their business way, if appear problem, how to solve. Locate next pair of manufacturer with a bigger demand of form code brand, these manufacturer can be produced and deliver many product. If they are in a form a lot of useful information are contained on the code, with respect to OK and economic very much time and money.

Affirmatory client whether can from the best method that is benefited in form code is to enquire the product volume that they send has how old. If quantitative short of is certain index, the proposal need not use a form code. However, if the client has used a form code, the company that produces a form code needs to make clear: Are they to press require production or batch production? The stock product that how many there is waits to stick label? Year does black-and-white label quantity have how old? Imprint very quickly with respect to what can you raise tag measure?

To the first problem, if the client is to press,require typographer bid, so heat quick turns imprint the technology is optimal choice; If be batch production, stimulating smooth label is optimal. For the client that is less than million brand to pressworking one those year, can employ the solution of tag of the laser that distribute paper; And to those pressworking the quantity compares big client for, suggest to use the label of odd Zhang Jiguang that gives paper continuously. The only way that form code is not market of tag of laser of race to control, postal can win the get one's own back that does not poor from which as much with office application. Brocker thinks to presswork contain dichromatic the laser tag with 4 kinds of icon, it is to make a of client product rise in value efficient way, also be a good solution at the same time. For example, when chromatic icon pressworking on the envelope that needs to be in their company when the client, as wasteful as its money pressworks directly on the envelope chromatic icon, still be inferior to pressworking chromatic mark to go up in laser tag, sign these laser mark at any time next stickup go up in the envelope, reduced a lot of cost for the client so.
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