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Make a bundle of laser, check gives aeriform concentration
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3 years ago, the gas that the industry aborning place such as electric power of our country steely smelt, petro-chemical, the sources of energy uses analyses equipment to count an import mostly. Nowadays, by system of university of Hangzhou electron science and technology Wang Jian of director of compositive technology institute's researcher is chaired those who finish " laser is online gas analyses a system " , after putting in the market not only held 95% above market share of domestic, and still begin to sell abroad. Achievement of this one scientific research also makes the laser gas of our country analysed a technology to achieve international banner level.

On Feburary 27, the national science and technology that holds in Beijing rewards congress to go up, this project wins award of national technology progress second-class award. Because the Wang Jian that was born 1970 is this second congress bear the palm person in a chief of the youngest scientific research project and fetching all the more attention.

Since the doctor's degree is obtained to go back to the motherland from American Stanford university by 2001, wang Jian is cultivated all the time in " the process is analysed " the scientific research domain that this people understands not quite. He tells the author, the industry waits in metallurgy, petrifaction, the sources of energy, in producing a course, often can arise, use or discharge various gas, analyse these aeriform chroma well and truly to change technology to actor, improve quality, ensure the safety and protective environment port with be had very principal. All the time since, use domestic and internationally infra-red wait for a tradition to analyse pattern, need first gas draw-out come out, the course drops in temperature step-down, purify dust, smeary wait for foreign matter, undertake detecting again. This process not only complex, rate is slow, and cost tall, accuracy is low.
Wang Jian chairs what finished new system changed a tradition completely to detect method. This kind of system launchs semiconductor laser the component such as unit of end, sensor to secure the two side in pipeline of the gas that be measured, stimulate beam of light crosses pipeline of the gas that be measured to be able to measure an aeriform concentration. Detect with the tradition technology and product photograph are compared, this system has a structure simple, dependability accuracy is tall, tall, move maintain cost low and a lot of advantage.

Since the put into production end 2003, "Laser is online gas analyses a system " replace entrance tradition product through upgrading, apply quickly at the domain such as steely, petrifaction, cooking, electric power, cement, spaceflight, environmental protection, turned round our country to analyse instrument domain to depend on the situation of the entrance for a long time in high-end gas. The taking of this one achievement, also make our country is in the high end that domain of online analysis technology owned process gas to have own intellectual property first checks an instrument, and achieved international precede level. (origin: Sina net
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