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Expert: Position of cereal of Wuhan China light cannot be replaced
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Although Chinese each district builds all sorts of dimensions in succession now " Guang Gu " , but Huang Dexiu of institute of information of photoelectricity of university of the science and technology in Wuhan China expresses, the advantage of Wuhan China smooth cereal depends on actual strength of powerful research and development, its position cannot be replaced. The bottom invested the laboratory of Wuhan photoelectricity state of 480 million yuan of build by the country 2004, it is the whole nation in 6 states key laboratory undertake photoelectricity studies exclusively, limits covers the basic research of photoelectron course, application basic research and research of forward position hi-tech, study to applied technology appropriately outspread. Its building, make Wuhan China smooth Gu Congji plinth considers to research a product to the project, formed a whole innovation system. Return  

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