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Laser calls the dominant position of sign chance
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Laser makes mark technology pressworking in recent years domain application is increasing, laser hits mark applicable at including plastic go up with a variety of material such as chip of balata, metal, silicon. The mechanical sculpture that laser calls mark and convention, chemistry is corroded, screen printing, printing ink is printed wait for means photograph to compare, have cost low, flexibility is tall, OK control of all of computer science department, and what laser action labels at what workpiece surface produces is firm permanent it is its highlight a characteristic. Current, presswork in mark in the industry, laser hits mark to already had the market of 90% above. Laser hits mark to own so large share, because it has,be the following 10 large dominant positions:


If mark won't concern because of the environment (feeling, acidity reachs the gas that decrease a gender, high temperature, low temperature to wait) and subsidise.

2.Prevent bogus sex:

Use laser to hit mark technology to the number that sculpture gives is modelled on not easily and be changed, the very strong sex that prevent bogus is had on certain level.

3. Be not osculatory sex:

Stimulating cursor to engrave is the " light with be not mechanical knife " undertakes machining, number can be printed in any regulation or irregular surface, and the workpiece after making bid won't produce internal stress, assure the original precision of workpiece. Corrode to be versed in tabulation face does not arise, wear away without " of " cutting tool, without harm, free from contamination.

4.Applicability is wide:

Do process instrumentation with laser, can be opposite a variety of metals, metalloid material (aluminous, copper, iron, wood) treatment.

5.Sculpture precision is tall:

Laser makes goods of sign chance carven graph lines is elaborate, most flyer is wide can amount to 0.04mm. Mark clarity, abiding, beautiful. Laser imprints what mark can satisfy in minimum is plastic make on the need that prints mass data. For example, can print a requirement more accurate, the 2 dimension bar code with higher definition, with embossing or eject photograph of the means that make bid is compared, have stronger market competition ability.

6.Moving cost is low:

The rate that make bid is rapid and mark shapes, specific power consumption is small, moving cost is consequently low. Although laser makes the installation cost of sign chance,label than the tradition facility is large, but from moving cost character, use laser hits mark confidential low much. Illustrate:

① model seals dynatron to make bid: Rate of work of the engine that make bid is 10 / second, if equipment depreciation is calculated with 5 years, the charge that make bid is 0.00048 yuan / . If use,move imprint machine, its run cost integratedly to be 0.002 yuan about / , taller even.

② bearing surface makes bid: If bearing trisect types, gross 18 4 size words, use Zhen Jing type to make mark machine, it is 700 hours of computation with the service life of krypton lamp tube, criterion the synthesis of the put together that make bid of every bearing is 0.00915 yuan originally. The cost that report corrodes carve characters on a seal is 0.015 yuan about / . Measure 4 million bearing in order to produce per year to calculate, make bid only, can reduce cost 1 year to make an appointment with 65 thousand yuan the least.
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