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A kind of magical light was born 1960, it is laser. The English name of laser is Laser, it is English phrase " suffer arouse enlarge ejaculation light " in the acronym that the first letter forms every notional word, it included the origin that laser produces. It appeared to create a lot of miracles, true it may be said " amaze the people with a single brilliant feat " . Of laser directional wonderful, resemble a straight line from beginning to end in transmission, not easy diverge, light intensity also can assure. A bundle of laser shoots 20 kilometre far, facula has cup opening only so big, on the moon outside launching 380 thousand kilometre namely, the diameter of aperture also does not cross 2 kilometre, look on the earth, just bright red spot. Use this one character of laser, the scientist measured the accurate space that gave the earth and moon 1962. Laser has the capacity of penetrable and transparent material, treat an eye with it effect spy beautiful. We know, the eye has a transparent outer garment, namely corneal, still have a retina that blood-vessel interweaves, when retina gave a problem to need to repair, retina is in of eyeball behind, so the operation undertakes very hard. If ask laser to come,help at this moment, all problems are met be readily solved. 1963, a doctor that is called Fulinke used laser to get away with retinal operation, whole operation time just thousands of 1/0 second, the patient does not need anaesthesia even, also won't feel painful. The coherence of laser is very good, use lens to be able to collect it into extremely fine beam of light, in this bundle smooth action falls, any material can be burned frit, aerification. Total light energy is returned not as good as the laser of the light energy that a 15 made of baked clay bulb illume one second to give out bundle, can one 1.5 meters of far thick about 2 centimeters armor plate digs a hole. Through 30 old development, laser now is nowhere is absent almost, it has been used in the square field surface of the life, scientific research: Laser acupuncture, laser cuts out, laser cut, laser beam welding is received, laser quenchs, gun of bomb of scalpel of appearance of vertical of gyroscope of range finder of laser disc, laser, laser, laser, laser, laser, lidar, laser, laser prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan... , be in before long in the future, laser can have wider application for certain. Sina net returns  

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