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Laser is holographic the dominant position that defends bogus and glamour
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Laser is holographic the crystallization that the label that prevent bogus regards new and high technology as, it is to be in in recent years a modern laser that is paid close attention to generally domestic and internationally applies technical positive result. It has the distinctive function that prevent bogus, can increase product aesthetic feeling, at the same time with abstruse holographic into reach glowed flashy result like the principle and get the favour of consumer. In the world by fair consider as the most advanced, most the label of economy that prevent bogus, on card of card of the renown actor label that can use extensively at industry of light industrial, medicine, food, cosmetic, electron, negotiable securities, confidential and luxurious handicraft. With general typographer mark photograph is compared, it has distinct advantage and charm.
Laser is holographic the technology that prevent bogus includes convention holographic the technology that prevent bogus, much passageway is holographic the technology that prevent bogus, invisible add secret technology, lattice of 360 ° computer is holographic technology, double deck is holographic technology, fluorescence is added close holographic technology, dynamic encode defends bogus technology, phone code defends bogus technology, nuclear small hole prevents bogus technology and gene to defend bogus technology, have image clarity, color flowery, stereo feeling is strong, one-time use characteristic. Much passageway is holographic when preventing bogus to mark in roll, can see in the label same appear locally different pattern. Invisible add secret technology to will add close design to make the either place at the label, can see in lower part of laser emersion appearance impose close pattern. Lattice of 360 ° computer is holographic the technology is in image can appear inside the observation limits of 360 ° the combination of the spot such as shape of radiative shape, cricoid, helix and commutation, move sense is extremely strong. Double deck is holographic technology can holographic the label is opened, still can see imprint have design and character the 2nd the layer that prevent bogus, have the effect preventing bogus of double insurance. Fluorescence is added close holographic technical principle and RMB fluorescence impose close principle same. Dynamic encode prevents bogus is brand park at the moment, adagio rotational brand can appear the design of follow on action. Phone code prevents bogus to mark is by laser the technology that prevent bogus and phone code prevent bogus technology photograph to union is made and be become, check through inquiring unified central database is OK true bogus. Nuclear small hole prevents bogus to mark to prevent small hole of bogus technology and nucleus to prevent bogus technology composition by laser, use a pen only distinguishable true bogus. Gene prevents bogus is gene factor is added in label back glue, undertake detecting through special apparatus.
At present commonly used is laser rainbow mould pressing hologram article defends bogus technology, it is technology of plate making of hologram of applied laser rainbow and mould pressing duplicate technology, a kind of when make on the product graph article message that can inspect.
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