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Laser technology is in sensor industry " distinguish oneself "
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The treatment of sensor needs to accomplish stable, reliable, precision tall, and conventional treatment technology achieves a requirement hard. Now, laser technology brought good news to sensor industry, it can solve sensor to be in dozen of mark, solder, the problem of the respect that move block. The fundamental that laser makes bid is, generate the successive laser light beam of high-energy quantity by laser generator, when material of laser action Yu Chengyin, the atomic transition that is in ground state arrives higher energy condition; The atom that is in higher energy condition is not stable, can return ground state very quickly, when atom returns ground state, can release additional energy with the form of photon or quanta, it is heat energy by light energy changeover, make melt of exterior material instant, even aerification, form graph article number thereby. Use laser makes bid, efficiency tall, precision tall, cost is low, and mark is permanent graven, enhance its but date from sex. Laser beam welding is received machine the pulse laser that the wavelengh that is applied laser generation is 1064nm passes enlarge bundle, the radiate after reflection, focusing machines a surface, exterior quantity of heat conducts inward ministry to diffuse through heat, power of the width that controls laser pulse accurately through digitlization, energy, peak value and repeat the parameter such as frequency, make workpiece fused, form specific bath, the laser that realizes pair of workpiece that be added thereby solders. It is current that laser uses case of metal of sensor of soldering and sealing a kind of the most advanced treatment technique. Use laser solders, have solder to nod beautiful and firm, heat to affect an area small, efficiency is tall, solder cost is low characteristic. Laser attune block is the movement that controls laser by the computer, use the laser pulse action of high-energy quantity to go up at resistor material, resistor material absorbs light energy hind to be heated quickly to mix vaporization, material is evaporated, stain of a circle is formed on resistor; The laser pulse that overlaps when a chain of part is hit on resistor material to be able to form a cut, use proper cut form and length to be able to build resistance those who move set is nominal value. Precision of treatment of block of use laser attune is tall, it is good to repeat precision, have rate fast, efficiency is tall, implement automation of whole treatment process easily. (pick from: Chinese sensor trades net) return  

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