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LM laser makes mark machine
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The laser that LM series laser makes mark machine is development of development of laser of rich course of study makes sign system. Use high-powered United States to install laser of entrance CO2 radio frequency formerly, entrance and Zhen Jinghe of scanning of high speed of homebred famous brand make the same score a scanning lens, enlarge bundle focusing system, major hits interface of sign chance PCI to control digital-to-analogue of high accuracy of card, Anlog to change chip, the mark of control software implementation that cooperates own copyright is engraved, the function such as cut, have mark to cut rate fast, precision tall, effect the characteristic such as stability of good, function.

Mark of skin of the design sculpture that this product applies extensively in the industry such as gift of bag of shoe change, dress, box, craft to have a product, hollow out, dress hits spraying decoration of mark, bull-puncher to wait for treatment.

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