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China Daheng F5 Series Fiber Laser Marking Machine Listing
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F5 Series fiber laser marking machine is Daheng (Group) Co., Ltd. Laser Engineering Branch newly developed optical fiber laser marking machine, the machine has the following characteristics: Daheng to China (Group) Co., Ltd. Laser Engineering Branch of the shops look. ◆ laser using fiber laser output, beam quality, electro-optical conversion efficiency, long service life, maintenance-free, light way with preview and red focus indicator function; ◆ A new system structure, system, small size, model appearance, convenience and assembly line equipment connected; ◆ With machine running, low cost, simple installation and convenient, the use of centralized control, easy operation, marking positioning accuracy, high speed; ◆ in a variety of metal or hard to fine non-metallic material on the marking, you can also fly with the production line for line marking. Uses: Can be bar codes, graphics LOGO, in English, numbers, dates and other information on any marker, marking, and some non-metallic materials, metal materials, mainly used for depth, smoothness, fine fields of high degree of Such as electronic components, integrated circuits, mold, watches, precision instruments and other industries.
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