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Pneumatic makes sign chance brief introduction
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Pass a content that should print Chinese and English character, logo to input the computer, the computer hits mark software to control content change number signal, convey controller, drive prints a needle in X-Y the contrail that set presses inside two dimension plane moves, at the same time the needle that print is in compress air action dirty high frequency small concussion moves, be in thereby workpiece apparently print a sunken form number that comprises by concentrated lattice.
Its characteristic is standardization of the label that print, rate is rapid, deepness is big, printed number beautiful, wear is strong, date of the OK and automatic running water that print inside, automation rate is high, the operation is simple, without bad news material, can work below harsh environment, stable and reliable. Can print medium, English character, number, aleatoric logo, can undertake running water date is printed automatically, international VIN code is printed, time date is printed, bar code is printed, circumferential face is printed, electro-magnet adsorption is printed, dot character is printed, 2 dimension.
The material that print is qualitative: Metallic stuff: Steel, alloy steel, copper, casting copper, iron, cast-iron, aluminous, casting aluminium, aluminium alloy; Metalloid material: Material of plastic, PVC, lumber, paper quality.

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