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The choice hits the necessity of sign chance
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As more and more modern production the enterprise begins to introduce ISO quality to run a system, of the product but date from sex appears particularly important; In the meantime, building product label system also is one of significant demands of quality system. Because its print the label that has certain depth in product or component surface directly,pneumatic makes mark machine, handwriting clarity is beautiful, and have permanent can identify a gender, because this is,carry out quality system to be reached about “ product label but the main tool that ” of date from sex asks. On the other hand, pneumatic makes the substitute that sign chance also is traditional label method, the operation is simple, automation rate is high, efficiency is tall, have the effect that promotes a product image. Accordingly, pneumatic of choose and buy hits sign chance to undertake marking to already was accepted by place of much modern business to the product, already made one of necessary equipment of contemporary company.

It is collect computer, machinery, electric that pneumatic makes mark machine the accurate equipment at an organic whole. Tell strictly, a complete pneumatic hits sign chance to answer by the box of software of the computer, special control, special control, actuator that print 4 parts are comprised. Among them, special control software and special control box are the core of system of a complete set of, the stability of the beautiful degree of the effect that print and equipment basically depends on this. Accordingly, mature core control technology is the essential safeguard that stability of the plane that make bid runs.

Current, there is sundry pneumatic to make mark machine on market, product quality is uneven, some companies have two only even 3 individual composition, without oneself core technology, without fixed manufacturing workshop, did not detect necessarily the hand is broken, leave factory through simple assembly only, cause the trouble in using a process ceaseless. Actually, the user needs to had done sufficient market research before the choose and buy only, do not value the value blindly, more important is the company actual strength that understands the other side, suffer needless pecuniary loss in order to avoid.

Pneumatic hits sign chance to print a needle to be in by a hard alloy workpiece surface is high frequency concussion, form bit of state concentrated and sunken character or graph, deepness can achieve 0.2-0.6mm, suit to undertake printing in metallic surface particularly. Before the choose and buy, you can seek advice from the engineer before our company make work, buy clew with getting those who compare major. Additional, be like likely, also can send sample toward our company to have make a proof, buy all right again when the effect accords with your demand. Anyhow, communicate with our engineer more, you go to those who suit your to make mark machine with respect to easily choose and buy.

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