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Integral level raises ability of form a complete set to enhance industry of our
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Valve is main general and mechanical product, because its scope of application is extremely wide, the amount is very large, effect is main, by the “ guttural ” that people calls conduit.
According to statistic of industrial developed country, valve production value exceeds the total of compressor, fan and pump production value, occupy the 5 % of production value of whole and mechanical industry about. The investment that is used at valve occupies the 10 % of 8 % ~ that equipment always invests. And be in our country, at present valve production value is equivalent to the half of compressor, fan and summation of pump production value only, occupy the 1 % of production value of whole and mechanical industry to control only.
50 come for years, industry of our country valve had taken a paragraph of hard course. Valve makes experience mix to machine tool of product line of use private plane, numerical control from the fragmentary treatment that repair and gives priority to by hand the equipment such as machining center, realize big batch production and much breed small lot to produce; The product develops a design to proper motion from imitated development; Product type also expands from microtherm and low-pressure valve high temperature middling pressure, high pressure and superhigh pressure all sorts of special valve, and a variety of material the of all kinds and special valve of a variety of qualitative, drive means; The dimensions of whole industry expands gradually, manufacturer home also tends in the layout of countrywide each district reasonable, already formed more perfect valve to make a system, had the capacity of form a complete set that comparative, main show is in: Product
Breed increases ceaselessly at present our country already can produce kind a powerful person of all ready brake a powerful person, shut-off valve, throttle, faucet, ball valve, butterfly a powerful person, diaphragm valve, check valve, relief valve, pressure-relief valve, steam drain valve and break a powerful person closely to wait for 12 kinds big agog, 3000 many model, ; Valve function and suitable scope also produce very big change, highest use pressure is 600MPa, the biggest nominal connects diameter to amount to 5350mm, highest use temperature is 570 ℃ , lowermost use temperature is - 196 ℃ , taste at water, vapour, natural gas, oil applicably, strong caustic medium, combustible explode easily medium, belt radioactivity medium and poisonous medium; The drive means of valve is ceaseless also grow in quantity, already can produce all sorts of dynamoelectric, pneumatic, fluid to move, gas fluid linkage, servo and computer pilot valve use actuating device; Valve material pledges the copper from initial stage and casting pig develop malleable iron, nodular cast iron, Gao Gui alloy of alloy steel of cast-iron, cast steel, forged steel, discretion, haing family name and titanium alloy.
Product quality raises quality of product of our country valve ceaselessly ceaselessly, service life is longer and longer, maintenance period already lengthened half above from a few weeks in the past. Because the product pledges the volume rises ceaselessly, partial valve product already infiltrated international market. Tackle key problem through the technology that leaks to valve inside and outside, the “ with long-standing valve one short the phenomenon already had 2 leakage ” to improve apparently. The whole nation already had a lot of to produce an enterprise to be able to press American API standard to produce a powerful person of cast steel brake now, quality is complete requirement of up to mark.
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