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Computer pneumatic industrial marking machine maintenance knowledge
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The process used in the system, attention should be on a regular basis for maintenance of equipment to keep it in the best working condition. Maintenance work can be carried out according to the user to choose their own. 1, the printing pins and needles cover the maintenance The device is running, the impact of print needle moves up and down repeatedly, since needle sleeve and friction exists between the print pin, a long time after the inner needle cap and needle itself, and printing will be worn, so that the gap between the needle and needle cap increase , directly affecting the printing. Maintenance will be printed when the needle from the needle cover removed, clean them with gasoline, dry lubricant, after adding an appropriate amount, you can reload. The work is based on the user's frequency of use of equipment, it is recommended two to three times a week. 2, the printer head maintenance Mainly by the linear guide printer head and motor. Guide is due directly to the workpiece, the workpiece in the engraving process of the debris and the usual on-site environment dust and other impurities easily attached to the rail, after a long time could easily lead to rail wear. The way to avoid a regular gasoline cleaning guide, after adding appropriate amount of oil to dry, the work suggests two weeks time. Also note that the due process of cleaning fuel is added to avoid the oil on the belt. 3, the controller's maintenance Device characteristics due to their own prolonged exposure to air, after a long time in the circuit board is easy to fouling, long dirty easily lead to a short circuit. Way is to remove the controller power is turned off, the box cover open, friendly competition with a clean air to blow dust inside clean. Usually pay more attention should also work outside the chassis of the dust. 4, computer maintenance After the computer is running a long time, within the system will generate a lot of junk files, if not for the clean-up will directly affect the normal operation of the software. The work includes following contents: (1), regularly delete unnecessary junk files and software files; (2), on a regular basis to sort the hard disk, hard disk data organized to ensure orderly and speed up software speed; (3), do not unknown to the system files and software in order to avoid the impact of viruses, to ensure the system is non-toxic environment. The work of the operators have certain requirements for computer literacy, proficiency in computer operations personnel are free, unless you have advice to company personnel only after my operation.
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