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Industrial pneumatic marking machine
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Jinan Luyue CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. Professional production: pneumatic marking machine, laser marking machines, metal marking machine and so on. Industrial pneumatic marking machine Technical parameters: mark the range 150 × 80mm, 200 × 100mm, 220 × 120mm Impact :0-25kg Humidity :0-90% (non-condensing) Marked forms: pneumatic Print Mark the depth :0.01-1 .2 mm (depending on the village change material) Operating temperature: -70-40 ℃ Power: <300W Mark speed :1-180 characters / min Pressure :0.3-0 .8 Mpa 0.25L / s Tag content: numbers, letters, common symbols, characters, graphics and so on. Print material: metal, plastic, bakelite, rubber Print needle hardness: ≥ HRC92.5
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