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Laser makes mark machine
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Laser makes mark machine renown:
Wash optical mark machine, laser mark is engraved machine, laser cuts an engine, wash smooth coding machine, laser makes a machine, laser makes mark machine, laser cuts word engine, high speed laser makes mark machine,
Laser makes a machine, laser engraving tool.
My department carries on at the same time laser acting guest processes business!
Laser lays sign chance principle:
Use high-energy laser bundle (carbon dioxide or YAG) vaporization are of all kinds material surface, form the label that has certain deepness and blackness.
Run way basically:
Laser hits sign chance to use Zhen Jing of high speed scanning, have scanning precision tall, rate is rapid, performance is steady, contented work for long so that production asks continuously. No matter be in what the laser of type of electric machinery drive that speed or precision respect are a tradition hits sign chance to be able to not be rivalled,type of this kind of Zhen Jing makes mark machine.
The software that make bid works in WINDOWS environment, complete Chinese interface, the operation learns easily simply, application goes to the lavatory neatly, but compatible AUTOCAD, CORELDRW, the file that the software such as PHOTOSHOP outputs (wait for) like PLT or BMP, print a form code, design, chinese and English character, jump automatically an encode, facilitate pair of product serial number, lot number, of date print.
Make bid without contact with workpiece.
Laser power is great, energy can be controlled by electric current, software, successive and adjustable.
Can label the information of < 0.3mm aleatoric deepness, have the certain effect that prevent bogus.
Use system of Zhen Jingsao draw, rate is rapid (every second 7 meters) , precision is tall (0.0002mm) , performance is steady.
But 24 hours of successive jobs.
The cost when large quantities of quantities are machined is low, need not printing ink presswork bad news material.
Software function is powerful.
Line is fine, only the 1/4 of hair silk diameter.
Applicable material reachs an industry:
Can carve a metal to reach a variety of metalloid material. Especially the circumstance with high demand of a few precision.
Apply at the electron yuan parts of an apparatus, integrated circuit (IC) , products of communication of electrical engineering electric equipment, mobile phone, hardware, clean provides fittings of hardware, tool, accurate instrument, glasses horological, headgear act the role ofing is tasted, the industry such as material of canal of car a replacement, plastic key-press, building materials, PVC, medical apparatus and instruments.
Applicable material includes: Common metal and alloy (all metals such as iron, copper, aluminous, magnesian, zinc) , rare metal and alloy (gold, silver-colored, titanium) , metallic oxide (all sorts of metal oxide all but) , special finishing (nigrescent, phosphor is changed, aluminous zincous oxidation, eletroplate the surface) , ABS expects (crust of electric equipment things, commodity) , printing ink (pervious to light key-press, presswork goods) , epoxy resin (of electronic component enclose, insulation layer) .
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