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Designation of MYT-380B of high speed printing ink makes a machine
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One, the product explains
MYT-380B designation makes a machine
Patent product: This product is used completely medical grade stainless steel is made, accord with the wholesome standard such as national provision medicines and chemical reagents completely.
2, utility:
Apply to extensively: The label of the industry such as food, medicine, cosmetic, paper bag, polybag, carton, bill go up date of the lot number that print, birth, date of expiration.
3, concept of research and development:
1, task: Solve common and indicative machine to cannot use high temperature Mo Lun, call the difficult problem with an adherent poor force on polybag thereby, particularly right high temperature evaporate needs to boil after be being printed in food industry or the situation with refrigerant low temperature is more urgent.
2, core technology: Accurate lukewarm control a system, form a complete set the Mo Lun of all sorts of thermometric scale.
3, the effect: Go up character in plastic material 3 times after printing, special high temperature evaporate needs to boil after print or the circumstance effect with refrigerant low temperature is apparent.
4, the expert informs: This machine is applicable thickness of content be imprintinged: 0.07mm—1.5mm; thermoregulation limits: 15 ℃- - 180 ℃
Designation of MYT-380B of high speed printing ink hits a parameter of body of machines and tools:
Model MYT-380B
Power source 220V/50HZ
Power 230W
Embossing ability 200 the following / cent (according to content be imprintinged fore-and-aft dimension and different)
Applicable 60mm of unilateral of dimension of content be imprintinged, adjust inside 0-260mm limits
Travel or lettering linage T 5 R 5
Font size 2.1*1.4 (8PT) 2.5*1.7 (9PT) 3*2 (10.5PT)
Lukewarm accuse limits 0—190 ℃
Lukewarm accuse precision ±1 ℃
Exterior dimension (long * wide * is tall) 460*450*320
Machine regard highly measures 22.5kg

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