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Pneumatic makes mark machine
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Generation setting
In industrial domain, often need to keep permanent label in product surface, wait as date of the trademark that will track henceforth, running water, date normally.

While the computer controls the needle that print to press certain contrail to move inside plane of dimension of X, Y2, the needle that print is in compress air exercise of high frequency concussion is done below action, print a number that has certain depth on workpiece thereby.

Run a course
Operator→Computer→Controller→The pace controls XY direction translation into electric machinery→Carve a character or design.

Mark characteristic
Hold the post of intent text word.
Have bigger sunken deepness, permanent good, will offer henceforth thereby can recover a gender.
The user hits mark to output directly through common computer.
Because print a needle high frequency vibration (300 / second) , because this label is more coherent smooth, do not look to go out bit by bit trace.
Print running water name easily (serial number) .

The material that make bid is qualitative
Any metals or metalloid. (Hardness is unfavorable exceed HRC60)
The model makes mark application
Number of serial of the batch date on nameplate of sign of spare parts of spare parts of of all kinds industry, car, autocycle spare parts, metal, date, brand, product, VIN date.

Material of main bad news
The needle that print (change 1 year 1 times normally, the basis uses frequency and workpiece hardness; Actually the client also can go up in fine oilstone by oneself burnish, use time actually what can lengthen the needle that print greatly so. )
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