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Dynamoelectric hand-held hits sign chance H-13
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Dynamoelectric hand-held makes bid implement renown:
Pen of glyphograph pen, electronic vibration carve characters on a seal
Dynamoelectric hand-held makes bid implement, dynamoelectric sculpture pen, pen of dynamoelectric carve characters on a seal, the electron shakes machine of carve characters on a seal, engraving tool, pen of carve characters on a seal, carve a pen, portable hand-held is portable machine of handwritten carve characters on a seal, cut an engine, make a yard implement,
Knife of carve characters on a seal, graver, pen of pneumatic carve characters on a seal, gas engraves a pen, electric Engraver.
This is a kind of new-style electron is engraved write an instrument. It cheap of cabinet, price, quarter keep easy, rate fast, facilitate carry, use convenient, number permanent, be applied extensively at the apparently carve characters on a seal of the material of almost all horniness such as metal, china, glass, plastic, marble, lumber. It not only classified mark effect can have in scientific research and industrial production, and use in business there also is extensive use in reaching family expenses domain, for example personalized autograph.
(mark hind is hit on china, glass or marble, need to embed a few printing ink can present marked label only. )
Quality dominant position:
My company rate rolled out this kind to make bid 2002 first implement hind, because market demand is better, business of domestic certain production begins to be modelled on, but through me test of company lab exhaustion is compared right, those low mimic are being used continuously burned out as a result of overheat after 20 minutes only coil, and because the H-13 of my company chooses makings and design reasonable
, hot balance is achieved after using 40 minutes continuously (= yield heat comes loose hot) , final course switchs on the mobile phone 48 hours to did not appear continuously any breakdown.
Accordingly, accurate Feikesu admits when be being bought please / quarter dragon brand.

Dynamoelectric hand-held makes bid implement H-13 is specific parameter:
The principle needle that print is high frequency shake, there is the number of certain deepness in on workpiece quarter lay off thereby, because frequency is extremely 300 tall / second, because this flesh goes soon,mark very flowing.
Representative application measure, mould, steam matchs the number number such as spare parts, nameplate; The individuation of handicraft signs.
The design character with mark characteristic permanent random;
Have sunken depth bigger, can amount to 1mm the most greatly according to material hardness (effect fruit is like pneumatic to make mark machine) ;
Hold an operation, handy use easily, cost is low;
Stroke is not had extremely adjust (stroke decides to call mark depth) .
Power source voltage
Communicate 220V
Wolfram steel of carbonization of syringe needle high strenth
(hard alloy) HRC80, do not have almost wear away; Once wear away,the client can hit wear on oilstone by oneself 70 degrees or so, because this does not have bad news material almost.
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