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Machine of sign parameter carve characters on a seal
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Fluctuant parameter is engraved on metallic sign imprint- - permanent, standard
Word span hand is moved adjust!
Machine of sign parameter carve characters on a seal renown:
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On metallic sign quarter imprint fluctuant parameter: If have date of bodily form date, date, lot number, running water, serial number,wait.
Representative application:
Mechanical, Electromechanical, water pump, valve, steam rub, the of all kinds aluminium on electric equipment, copper, stainless steel, plastic nameplate.
Manufacturing setting:
Method of traditional steel seal knock, often cause font askew, depth differ, efficiency is low. For quite a long time, how to raise sign class to perplexing the engineering department staff of industrial business from beginning to end.
Pneumatic makes mark machine (renown: Let down with a rope although can be engraved,Long charming covers a? imprint, but the medium and small businesses that its high price lets many sign amounts are not much however flinchs.
The aircraft of sign parameter carve characters on a seal that Feikesu develops a design solved afore-mentioned blemish completely and the price is low. Once the product rolls out the extensive self-identity that got the market.
Working principle:
Via high frequency temper by dipping in water the alloy steel of fervent processing turns case falls in outside force action (be bungled with hand pressing or rubber hammer) , engrave on metallic sign imprint piece have certain depth (0.1~0.3mm is deep) letter or number;
The steel case that passes heat treatment can turn place wants letter or number, relaxed implementation model of written characters changes;
Quarter imprint the position, row spacing is not had by special and mechanical orgnaization extremely adjust;
Word span is moved according to armrest adjust;
Different word Gao Ke through changing case comes true;
All sorts of appearance sign that exterior is less than 220×160mm all can be placed hold quarter imprint.
Bulk small, weight light, operation is address the convenient, handwriting that print carefully and nearly, line is even and clear, name diversity is all ready.
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