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Carton of PYT-300 of high speed steel seal makes a machine
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One, the product explains
PYT-300 carton makes a machine
Patent product: This product is used completely medical grade stainless steel is made, accord with the wholesome standard such as national provision medicines and chemical reagents completely.
2, utility:
Apply to food, medicine, day to change wait for carton to wrap mount embossing to produce date, period of validity and manufacturing lot number to wait.
3, concept of research and development:
1, task: 1) , traditional carton hits a machine to print fabric width small, the printing position that cannot satisfy individuation asks. 2) , traditional carton hits a machine to all have printing ink, steel seal 2 kinds of functions, but the operation safeguards difficulty big, the price is high, and a lot of users do not need complex function, it is easy to hope the operation is safeguarded more master, and need embossing only can.
2, core technology: Use haing husband structure solely, accurate silk accuses a technology, already won national patent.
3, the effect: Support exceeds wide embossing, the operation is safeguarded go easily simply.
4, the expert informs: This machine is applicable thickness of content be imprintinged: 0.07mm—3.0mm, in 268*268mm limits random the position is printed.
Carton of PYT-300 of high speed steel seal hits a parameter of body of machines and tools:
Model PYT-300
Power source 220V/50HZ
Power 80W
Embossing ability 300 the following / cent (according to content be imprintinged fore-and-aft dimension and different)
Applicable adjust inside limits of 50mm-240mm of dimension of content be imprintinged
Travel or lettering linage T 5 R 5
Font size 3.0*4.1(10PT) 7.0*4.1(18PT)
Exterior dimension (long * wide * is tall) 445*450*280
Machine regard highly measures 32kg

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