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In how avoiding laser, optical lens is polluted again
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Lens of the optics in how avoiding laser is polluted again [2005-3-11]

In the laser that outputs in general power, all lens are cosmopolitan the reason as a result of workmanship or suffer the element such as outside pollution to bring about lens to be absorbed to specific laser wavelengh big, as time passes makes lens loss of life, cause an influence as a result of the attaint of lens to use stop the circumstance of machine to happen from time to tome even.

Lens increases to what laser wavelengh absorbs can cause inhomogenous the reflex that adds thermal conductivity to send lens, refractive index produces change, laser wavelengh from tall those who draw power of the laser when be passed through on lens or be being reflexed distributing inhomogenous make lens center temperature high, brim temperature is low, produce this kind of change to call lens effect on optics.

Because pollution brings about lens tall absorb cause hot lens effect to be able to produce a lot of problems. Lenticular radical piece the generation of not reversible thermal stress, beam of light spreads the power loss that when passing lens, produces, the deflection of focusing spot position is moved, the premature attaint of plated film layer can bring about lens to be destroyed. To exposing the lens in air, we are being done when clearing, often do not follow the requirement that clears to lens and note, informal draw materials, its will cause new pollution as a result even cut lens, cause the loss that cannot offset. According to old experience so summary thinks: No matter which kind of optical lens keeps clean,be the most important, want to good clean convention goes taking care to clean lens, can decrease or keep clear of to cause pollution about factitious reason place. If dactylogram reachs saliva flower,wait. As a common sense, when operate optical system with the hand, no matter clean, disassemble, installation wants the fingertip on the belt or medical glove, should maintain from beginning to end follow the requirement that cleans lens and note, in clean process, can use formulary data only, like the paper brushing lens that optics uses, cotton autograph, reagent class alcohol. To the cleanness of any lens, disassemble, installation walks along shortcut to will cause lens loss of life, damage permanently even. So, we should prevent lens to get the pollution of other reason with common common sense, if encounter,prevent damp, aerosol, dustproof etc. After affirmatory some lens is polluted, we should blow lens with the ball that wash ear, till its the surface is beautiful without particle, must not be blown with the mouth. The air that because blow,gives mostly oiliness, water will pollute lens further. If pass the ball that wash ear,its surface still has pollution to exist after processing, we must dip in with appropriative cotton autograph lab class acetone, alcohol will be wiped gently. Such OK and cleared great majority pollute layer. The pollution of medium lens meets laser collect a system to cause serious collection to laser output and even data mistake, if we can make lens often keeps clean, can prolong as good as overall service life.
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